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If building or renovating, the start date for sanding and coating floors is critical particularly in relation to other trades.

Carpentry, electrical, plastering, plumbing and glazing must be completed before work on the floor can start.

Any silicone or silicone based product which comes into contact with the floor after sanding but prior to any of the 3 coats will cause rejection of the coating. Silicone is often found on the footwear of plumbers and glaziers.

It is recommended that all painting except the final coat on skirting boards be completed. The final coat can be applied to the skirtings after completion of the floors.

Carpets should be laid after the floors are finished.

All furniture should be removed together with all floor covering including staples, tacks etc.

Gas and electrical appliances are to be disconnected by qualified personnel and removed. All pilot lights (including hot water system) are to be turned off.

Adequate lighting and power to be available.

Arrangements made for clear and safe access to the site.

In many instances arrangements should be made for alternative accommodation, bearing in mind the wet floor areas which cannot be walked on in the likelihood of strong fumes if choosing toxic based coatings.

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